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Triple your gift’s impact on the defense of young minds.

An anonymous donor who shares PTC’s mission to improve content and protect young minds has offered to donate twice what you give, up to $50,000.

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Your gift will pack a punch. Remember that PTC has an unmatched track record of provoking change in Hollywood. Our recent achievements include the cancellation of explicit programs like Dating Naked and Sex Box – programs that depicted and described graphic sexual conduct yet were marketed as safe for children.

We don’t just hold press conferences and shout our displeasure. We roll up our sleeves and use our long-standing relationships with actual Hollywood producers and content creators, and with corporate executives that fund television programming with their advertising dollars––to make a real, meaningful difference.

But we can’t do it without your generous support. Every dollar of your gift will go three times farther to protect our children from this brand-new, emerging threat. Please give today while time remains on this special, matching gift opportunity.

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