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It’s time for more powerful action than ever before. Time to bring back the kind of TV Dick Van Dyke brings to life in a wonderful new memoir I want to send you.

Hollywood’s sewer leak has reached loathsome proportions. The assault on our homes and our children’s minds has reached lows of depravity none of us could have imagined. And the time for maximum response is upon us. That’s why we’re asking PTC members to step forward in unusual and aggressive generosity—to fund the most powerful year of engagement in our history.

Please give to help us directly target the producers, advertisers, and networks behind this sludge. Please remember the role that entertainment plays in our families and our children’s minds.

With your gift, you’ll receive a poignant, entertaining trip back to TV’s better days: your free copy of Dick Van Dyke’s Keep Moving. A stalwart of all we once loved about television, Dick Van Dyke offers trademark playful anecdotes, advice, and insights from brother and fellow star Jerry Van Dyke, his friend the beloved Carl Reiner, and other spirited friends and family.

Together, we can do it. We can stop the sewer leak and clean up our culture. But only if every one of us takes direct and immediate action. Please don’t delay in doing so today.