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Over 3,000 medical and sociological studies in the last 50 years have PROVEN CONCLUSIVELY that children are adversely affected by exposure to media violence.

At this moment, our Program Director, Melissa Henson is walking into the White House for a meeting with the President and Vice President to discuss the impact media violence has on our children. The entertainment executives who will be in the room with her will be fighting to maintain the status quo - to continue pumping graphic, explicit and age-inappropriate content at our children and grandchildren. We must not allow this to happen. 

Unfortunately, keeping the media in check costs a great deal of time, energy and resources. Your gift will help PTC call the entertainment industry to task and keep disturbing, violent shows and movies from harming our children. This threat to our families and our children’s lives demand nothing less. Will you act now before another young person is molded by the glorification of violence in the media?